Rules of conduct:

Digital racing by its very nature is close multi car per lane racing and as such it is inevitable that accidents happen, such as taking out another racer when deslotting your own car or changing lanes at the wrong time, however deliberate contact with another racers car will not be tolerated.

In the event of an accident involving two or more cars, ALL cars involved, whether deslotted or not, will be returned to the slip road located before the accident in the order they were on the track before the accident. All joining cars must give way to racers on the track. In the event any car has passed the start line, they must wait for the other cars to pass them before leaving the slip road.

The car in front has the right of way, if you need to pass the car it must be done cleanly without contact. If your car is fast enough and you have the talent to need to pass a car then you must change lane, do not expect the car you are passing to move out of the way. If you are being lapped you must try to stay in the same lane, unless you need to move round slower traffic yourself. Intentional blocking of a faster car, when lapping, is not considered to be acceptable etiquette and if done more than three times a penalty point will be received.

Intentionally blocking a car fighting for position on the same lap is allowed.

Deliberate bumping of the car in front or accidentally bumping more than once will result in a Penalty point.

One or two penalty point will result in a verbal warning
Three penalty points will result in a loss of points for that race
Four penalty points will result in a loss of points for that race session (6 races) and retirement from that race session

Other additional club rule:

The ASSC is a Scalextric Digital club running on Sports track, at present we choose to run ALL classes with magnets. This will be reviewed once a year when new classes are chosen.

We understand that new racers may not have the required car to race, in these cases a member may lent you one of their cars, however we ask that you take care of these and return them in the condition you borrowed them in or arrange for the car to be repaired / replaced.


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