What we use!

For the club to run smoothly with the maximum amount of fun and least amount of fuss we have slowly chosen all the hardware and software we need. A breakdown of all the separate components used can be found here:


We currently use Scalextric sport track with digital sections with the occasional specialised SCX classic section. We have over 100m of track available to create some fantastic tracks with high speed straights and complex technical sections including chicanes and skid sections when the teenager in us is let free. We have over 20 pieces of digital track including straight cross overs, corner lane changers and pit lane changers used to create pits, add lanes, remove lanes of act ass slip roads.


We use a modified Scalextric C7042 Advanced Power Base. This has been modified to allow higher voltage and amps to be used to ensure that we are not affected when all the cars are racing at full speed. The firmware has been upgraded to the latest v1.09 which gives faultless performance and integrates to the Race Management System.


The power is supplied by a variable PSU which is capable of an output of 15.v and 20amps


RCS64 logo rechtsWe now use RCS64 v4 which not only creates the races and collects lap times etc but can also simulate fuel, tyre wear and weather . The software is being upgraded on a regular basis offering more options and improving on the current release.



Each racer is entitled to bring their own digital controller to use, the preference for this is the TruSpeed SSD MKIII. The club has loan Scalextric controllers which are available to use at no additional cost or a TurSpeed SSD MKIII can be hired for £2 a day (this does not guarantee your own controller, merely access to one)

Wireless System:

The club uses the wireless system developed by Slot Car Solutions allowing for perfect wireless control by connecting a controller to a small transmitter.


The running laps, fuel etc are displayed with a projector onto the club wall giving a display of approximately 100 inches, big enough for everyone to easily keep track of their laps and fuel situation.


The club has a number of classes allowing racers a choice of cars to race, these include cars such as Classic American Muscle, DTM and GT cars from manufacturers such as Carrera, Pioneer, Scalextric or any of the performance manufacturers including Slot.IT, NSR and Scaleauto.

The club also has over ten sets of cars, mostly Scalextric to race when not racing in a championship race.

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