I started the A.S.S.C. in November 2008 after a couple of friends thought it would be great to hire a hall and have a large slot car track.

This idea soon developed from a couple of friends wanting to race to wanting to open it up to have more racers to challenge. It was at this point that we discovered the SlotForum. We realised that there were people that took slot car racing further than simply running cars around a small track in the living room.

I invested heavily in both additional track as well as cars, the power base that controlled the cars was also upgraded as was the power supply, software and output screens.

After a short while and a lot of money the A.S.S.C. was live and ready to race. We arranged with a local church, All Saints in Dedworth, to hire a hall on a regular basis and start running the club. It was at this point that the A.S.S.C. was born.

The club information was put onto the Slotforum and new members started to visit the club with some coming on a regular basis.

In 2010 the room the club used became unavailable and we moved to the hall behind St. Agnes church in Dedworth. This afforded us more time to set up the track and run races.

The club ran on a monthly basis, sometimes more regularly, until August 2011 when I became ill and was unable to continue to run the club.

In April 2013 I started the club up again, although this is currently on an ad-hock basis until I can get membership levels back up to secure a room on a regular basis.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

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