Listed below are the various classes that the club runs and details for each class. These classes fall into one of fourĀ groups;

  1. Standard: These classes will usually contain cars come from a make that is raced on home tracks, such as Scalextric, Carrera or ninco but will only be from their full detail range. These cars will be run as the cars were purchased with little or no modifications.
  2. Standard+: These classes will be the same as the Standard groups except will allow small modifications such as motors up to 20k, alloy wheels, gearing or tyres.
  3. Performance: Cars that are designed as performance cars will come from makes such as NSR, Slot.IT, Racer or Avant Slot. They will be limited to motors maximum of 25K and below and may have strict rules regarding the gearing of the car. Wheels and tyres will be open as long as they fall in line with individual class rules.
  4. Performance+: These classes will be the fastest run at the club and will contain cars similar to the performance group but with a motor restriction of 30k. with no restriction to gearing.

Where open tyres are allowed there is still a club restriction that does NOT allow Ortmann or Silicone tyres due to the residue left on the track. Tyres must not be treated in any way including oil or varnish.

Full rules for each class can be found by clicking the relevant link.

Current Classes:

Class NameClass GroupManufacturersModels (see rules for more details)Rules document
American MuscleStandardScalextric and PioneerAny American Muscle car from 1960 to 1979Rules
Carrera DTMStandardCarreraAny Carrera DTM carRules
GTStandardCarrera, Scalextric, SCX, NincoAny GT, Sports or Coupe style car excluding GT1 Rules
Performance GT/CoupePerformanceANYAny Closed Wheel Car except LMP classRules
RallyStandardCarrera, Scalextric, SCXAny rally or rally cross carRules
Sideways Group 5StandardRacer SidewaysAny Group 5 carRules

GT Class Examples

Racer Sideways Group 5 examples

Possible Future Classes:

Class NameClass GroupManufacturersModelsRules
American BoatsStandard+Carrera, Scalextric, SCX, NincoAny pre 1980's American car which is 15cm or longerRules
LMP/GT1StandardCarrera, Scalextric, SCX, NincoAny LMP1, LMP2 or GT1 carRules
Old ShakersStandardCarrera, Scalextric, SCX, NincoAny saloon or coupe car manufactured between 1990 -1999Rules
Saloon / CoupeStandardCarrera, Scalextric, SCX, NincoAny saloon or coupe carRules
Competitive ClassicsPerformanceSlot.IT, NSRFord GT40 MKI, Ford GT40 MKII, Ford GT MkIV, Porsche 917Rules
Ninco LightningPerformanceNinco LightningAny car from the Ninco Lightning rangeRules
Perfomance Hot HatchesPerformanceNSR, Avant Slot, MSC, Ninco LightningAny hatchbackRules
Performance RallyPerformanceAvant Slot, NSR, Ninco Lightning, MSCAny rally car (Must have driver and navigator)Rules
Sideways Daytona PrototypePerformanceRacer SidewaysRiley or DallaraRules
Slot.IT Group CPerformanceSlot.ITAny group C Slot.IT carRules
Ultimate LMP/, NSR, Scaleauto, Avant Slot, Ninco LightningAny LMP1, LMP2 or GT1 carRules
Ultimate GT/CoupePerfomance+Slot.IT, NSR, Spirit, Arrow Slot, Black Arrow, Scaleauto, Ninco LightningAny GT2, GT3 or CoupeRules

Competitive Classics

Racer Sideways Daytona Prototype examples

Racer Sideways Group 5 examples

Slot.IT Group C Examples


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