Febuary Race 28th Feb 2015

The final race of the 2014 PSR Championship will take place on the 28th February as the 2nd Saturday falls on Valentines and we all love our wives / GF too much to miss that (or fear the repercussions if we do)

The race will be held at All Saints for this month so we will be able to have a larger track than usual which will be great for the Performance GT cars.

I look forward to seeing you there.

January race and 2014 championships

The January race will be held on Saturday 10th January at St. Agnes in Windsor.

As we have been unable to race for several months we will be racing two PSR Championship races this month and the final race next month. The 2015 Championships will start in March and future championships will run March to February.


Race one will start at 4pm and Race two will start at 7pm with Performance GT followed by Carrera DTM.


If time permits we will run a Fun Cup race.



December race and PSR Championship

After two months of being unable to run the club I’m pleased to say that December will run as scheduled on the 13th.

To ensure that we complete the PSR Championship we will run the remaining three sets of races on the day, if we get a chance to run the Fun Cup then we will run these afterwards.

The races will be slightly shorter to allow for this, but this should not reduce the fun in any way. We will also be running the Performance GT class for the first time, or should that simply be called the NSR GT40 class (for those unaware, this car seems to be the weapon of choice for this class). The class will be run at 14v as 15.4 was proving somewhat fast and difficult to control, even with a magnet.


So the three races that will be run are as follows:


Performance GT

Carrera DTM

Performance GT


At the end of the night we will have a winner for the PSR Championship, the fun cup may run over into 2015. The prize will be handed out at the January race.


Don’t forget that next year we have two new classes which should prove to be great fun:

Rally – Scalextric, Carrera or SCX Rally or Rally Cross cars
Sideways Group 5 – Need I say more.

It is still undecided if all classes will run at 14v next year, however the two performance classes certainly will.

I look forward to having a great day and evening of racing. I will be aiming to get to the St. Agnes hall for 1pm to start setting up the track, as always any help will be appreciated. If you intend to come please email me the time you expect to arrive so that we can hold off on a race if you are simply running late.





September race to be held at All Saints

Due to the usual hall at St. Agnes being booked up we will be racing at All Saints in Dedworth.

All Saints Church, Dedworth
Dedworth Road, Windsor,
Berkshire, SL4 4JW

I need to clarify details on which room we will have access to nearer the time but the room is about the same size as we usually use, the main church is considerably larger and we would be amiss if we did not use have the full 14m straight if that room becomes available.

There is also a cafe onsite serving coffee and cake, I’m not sure what time this shuts but we should also have access to the kitchen.

I look forward to racing back at the birth place of the ASSC.


Next race 19th October 2013

The next race day has been booked for Saturday the 19th October 2013

I hope to be at the hall for about 1pm, with any luck we will have a smoother setup this time meaning we can start racing earlier.

I hope to start the main race at 7pm. We will be racing the Carrera GT class of car, please look at the rules for this class to ensure your car meets them.

Any questions please email me, as usual the day is open to any racer aged 16 and over (under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult). Entry is £5 for the day.

Carrera GT Class

For the next three months, October to December we will be racing “Carrera GT” class of cars.

These are owned and maintained by members and are not supplied by the club.

For more information regarding the class please look under “Car classes and rules”

If you have any questions please email me.



September race booked for the 21st.

I will be booking the next race for the 21st September as this was the date most of the regulars could make. I need to check with the church but Sue is away for a week so I will book as soon as I can but I’m sure it will be free.

For those who have not said they will make it can you let me know either way so I know numbers, all racers aged 16+ are welcome.

We will be racing Ninco American Muscle for the first time. Those with their Carrera GT cars, you will have a chance before racing starts to test them out.

I will aim to get there for 1pm, hopefully have the track set up by 3pm. The evening racing will start at 7pm.

As usual, the entry will be £5 for the day no matter what time you arrive.


Colin Hughes