ISC64 – SSD International Slotcar Championship, Crossing the borders

The ASSC will be taking part in the first everĀ ISC64 – SSD International Slotcar Championship, Crossing the borders.

This race will take place on the 14th March, we will be putting three teams up for this, including guest racers. so will be putting back the start of the 2015 PSR Championship to April.

More information can be found on the event here: Link

More information will be updated shortly on a new page, if you wish to be added to the list of teams please contact me before 27th February.



The Fastest of the Fast 2015

OK, so this is a little bit of fun that we will do to close the year in December.

Its pretty simple, it will be who can get ten laps done in the fastest time.

Basic rules:

ANY car except open wheeled cars
ANY make
ANY motor up to 30K
ANY tyres (except Ortman and Silicone)
etc etc etc

The cars will run analogue so no need to put a digital chip in

I think you get the idea.

You have almost a year to get the cars ready and tweeked to maximise performance.

The prize, and NSR white kit custom painted by C&C Designs.

Please note that to enter for this challenge you must have attended the club at least three time in 2015

I will create a page for this with more details and complete rules list shortly.




Race Meet 22nd June 2013

I have hired the old hall at St. Agnes, Windsor and will be holding practice session in the day starting from 2pm while I test all of the equipment and a non championship race in the evening starting at 7pm.

Please contact me to confirm if you are attending and how many people you will be bringing.