Febuary Race 28th Feb 2015

The final race of the 2014 PSR Championship will take place on the 28th February as the 2nd Saturday falls on Valentines and we all love our wives / GF too much to miss that (or fear the repercussions if we do)

The race will be held at All Saints for this month so we will be able to have a larger track than usual which will be great for the Performance GT cars.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Fastest of the Fast 2015

OK, so this is a little bit of fun that we will do to close the year in December.

Its pretty simple, it will be who can get ten laps done in the fastest time.

Basic rules:

ANY car except open wheeled cars
ANY make
ANY motor up to 30K
ANY tyres (except Ortman and Silicone)
etc etc etc

The cars will run analogue so no need to put a digital chip in

I think you get the idea.

You have almost a year to get the cars ready and tweeked to maximise performance.

The prize, and NSR white kit custom painted by C&C Designs.

Please note that to enter for this challenge you must have attended the club at least three time in 2015

I will create a page for this with more details and complete rules list shortly.




January race and 2014 championships

The January race will be held on Saturday 10th January at St. Agnes in Windsor.

As we have been unable to race for several months we will be racing two PSR Championship races this month and the final race next month. The 2015 Championships will start in March and future championships will run March to February.


Race one will start at 4pm and Race two will start at 7pm with Performance GT followed by Carrera DTM.


If time permits we will run a Fun Cup race.



December race and PSR Championship

After two months of being unable to run the club I’m pleased to say that December will run as scheduled on the 13th.

To ensure that we complete the PSR Championship we will run the remaining three sets of races on the day, if we get a chance to run the Fun Cup then we will run these afterwards.

The races will be slightly shorter to allow for this, but this should not reduce the fun in any way. We will also be running the Performance GT class for the first time, or should that simply be called the NSR GT40 class (for those unaware, this car seems to be the weapon of choice for this class). The class will be run at 14v as 15.4 was proving somewhat fast and difficult to control, even with a magnet.


So the three races that will be run are as follows:


Performance GT

Carrera DTM

Performance GT


At the end of the night we will have a winner for the PSR Championship, the fun cup may run over into 2015. The prize will be handed out at the January race.


Don’t forget that next year we have two new classes which should prove to be great fun:

Rally – Scalextric, Carrera or SCX Rally or Rally Cross cars
Sideways Group 5 – Need I say more.

It is still undecided if all classes will run at 14v next year, however the two performance classes certainly will.

I look forward to having a great day and evening of racing. I will be aiming to get to the St. Agnes hall for 1pm to start setting up the track, as always any help will be appreciated. If you intend to come please email me the time you expect to arrive so that we can hold off on a race if you are simply running late.





September race to be held at All Saints

Due to the usual hall at St. Agnes being booked up we will be racing at All Saints in Dedworth.

All Saints Church, Dedworth
Dedworth Road, Windsor,
Berkshire, SL4 4JW

I need to clarify details on which room we will have access to nearer the time but the room is about the same size as we usually use, the main church is considerably larger and we would be amiss if we did not use have the full 14m straight if that room becomes available.

There is also a cafe onsite serving coffee and cake, I’m not sure what time this shuts but we should also have access to the kitchen.

I look forward to racing back at the birth place of the ASSC.


Changes to car classes in 2015

Please note the two changes that will affect the car classes for 2015:


DPR American Muscle:

  1. The class will be renamed to Classic American Muscle
  2. Any Scalextric or Pioneer American Muscle car from 1960-1979 can be used, it will no longer be restricted to DPR cars

Carrera GT:

  1. This class with be renamed to Standard GT / Coupe
  2. Any GT or Coupe or sports style car may be used from Scalextric, Carrera or SCX except for GT1 cars.

Testing will also be done to see if Ninco “S” cars are suitable to be used in the Standard GT class.

Fastest Laps

When we have time we run analogue cars on a single lane to see who can set the fastest lap, allowing each member 5 or 6 laps.

Here are the results from August 214

Car Used Colin Richard Zarko
Fly Sisu (Fed ext) 17.297 23.171 15.940
Slot.IT GT40 20.000 18.700 16.890
Scalextric Audi TT + Caravan 23.177 23.443 22.840
Carrera Firebird 15.123 15.176 15.756
SCX Volvo 850 19.800 23.913 19.031
SRC Capri 14.610 14.403 13.810
NSR GT40 (Colin) 12.356 13.001 12.973
NSR GT40 (Richards) 11.590 11.893 11.330
Racer – Riley MKXX 12.660 13.140 11.756
NSR P68 12.524 13.167 12.305
NSR Mosler 12.660 14.033 12.897

Rules of conduct

I have implimented rules of conduct to ensure that the club remains a fun day for everyone involved.

The rules can be found HERE

As this will be the 1st month running with these rules we will make it s a trial month and see how things go so no one will actually use points until September. There may be a small tweak here or there to ensure the rules are fair.

So as not to complicate things further the Performance class will be put back till October as this will allow for a trial month with the rules plus a month with the rules fully in place.

It is likely that I will simply put Carrera GT in its place for now but please check the website for the full calendar which I will update later this week.